East Clark County Committee

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Who Are We?

We are a team of adults partnering with each other and God to change lives with the truth of Jesus' love.  Many of us are Young Life alumni, having experienced the impact of YL in our own lives.  Some are parents of current or former YL students.  We are young and we are not-as-young as we used to be but still having fun.  We are passionate about seeing kids know and follow Jesus, and we work behind the scenes to support, grow and advocate for the mission of Jesus through Young Life in East Clark County. 

Mission Statement:

Committee provides a foundation of financial, administrative, prayerful and moral support for our local Young Life mission.
We joyfully continue in our mission to introduce kids to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith by:
  • Actively inviting others into the mission to join us as leaders, committee members, donors or adult helpers;
  • Setting goals for area growth and financial support and completing plans to see those goals reached. (We cast the vision and do the work to reach the vision);
  • Contributing ideas, counsel and prayer support to leaders and staff (because we love and know them)
  • Actively increasing local awareness of ECCYL--so that many students come to Christ.
If you are interested in getting involved please email wa417younglife@gmail.com
Committee Members:
Keith Kirkendall - Committee Chair
Joe Westfall
Jennie Westfall
Rhea Bohlin
Erinne Lubisich
Mark Murrow
Beth Murrow
Mike Schaeffer
Heidi Rush


Young Life East Clark County | PO Box 87595 Vancouver, WA 98687-7595

Phone: (360)949-2410

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